Rasmus Tikkanen is a Helsinki based artist and designer.
The sea and nature inspire him the most and this
is clearly visible in his art and design.

Rasmus was born in Helsinki 1982,
but spent his childhood between Finland and Germany.
Today he has his own atelier and gallery in Helsinki.

"Painting, creating and designing is not a choice for me,
it is something I have to do. I have had this urge
ever since I remember being alive.
I don´t consider myself as a classic painter.
My goal is to create and evolve in various fields.
My next big project is sculptures,
These sculptures have been in my head
for a long time, now I have to let them out."

In 2018 Rasmus will start working on the Island of Vallisaari,
a few kilometers from the coast of Helsinki.

2011 Boardexpo Helsinki, solo exhibition
2012 Galleria Bronda, "The Maiden Voyage" solo debut
2012 Boardexpo Helsinki, group exhibition
2013 The Empire Helsinki, solo exhibition "Mickey & Popeye"
2013 Skiffer Erottaja, permanent exhibition of various works
2014 The Empire Helsinki, "Rasmus Tikkanen 2014" solo
2016 Seignosse France, "Vie Aquatique" Louvine collective group show
2016 Morokko Agadir/Tagahzout "Vie Aquatique" GIZ
(German Corporation for International Cooperation) group exhibition
2017 Galleria Kellobaari Helsinki, "Art by Rasmus" solo
2017 Fisken på Disken restaurant exhibition "Fish Art by Rasmus"












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